Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ANZAC Day and beyond..

Well the field of poppies  have had their day, now we are trying to find a home for them. Fingers crossed.

There has been TV interviews by the hundreds it seems, there wasn't that many at all, but I'm not keen on them I can tell you that.  Very nerve wracking...

Anyhoo, now I can move on, what's next is a piece of wearable art, to be part of the World of Wearable art exhibition that is coming to Townsville.  I've made a start and now can get a wriggle on and get it sorted.  I'm to be the model for this one..  it's about horses and horse shows.   Why?  Because I was given a box of ribbons that had been won at horse shows and I'm using those to make the outfit.

Over the last month I've only made a few little things, a couple of postcards for a monthly swap I'm in, I can't show you those I'm afraid.  I finished off the bag that was pictured in last months post and have added it to my etsy shop.

I've done a little experimenting with rusting and ink and permanent pens, not altogether, but maybe I should try that!  Pictures are below.

Above and below are the permanent pens with rubbing alcohol, the inserts in the cards have been stitched as well, with silk thread.

 Above is some of the ink play, I bought a bottle of blue black and was amazed at the colour I ended up with, lovely shade of aqua, it's one of my favourite colours.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poppies, poppies and more poppies.

Hi again, I feel as if I've been busy with lots of ideas, but haven't really achieved anything.  It's been one of those months, I guess the poppies I'm working on have taken over somewhat.  I guess I should talk about the poppies here too.
Last year one of the ladies in the fibre group I belong to began to knit poppies for the Melbourne poppy activity, I got on the band wagon as I (along with many other Australians) have a soft spot for poppies and their significance.  I was busy crocheting lots, it was a great thing to do while my son was overseas in Afghanistan, he's in the RAAF.  Then I started to think about what I'd do with them all, by then I had a hundred or so.  The local community Art Gallery (Umbrella Studio) was having their end of year members exhibition with a theme of Memory, which gave me a great outlet for an artwork.  I gained approval from the gallery for a group piece, then asked the members of the fibre group (Fibres and Fabrics) to help me to make more poppies.  We ended up with about 1450 poppies, half of which we sewed onto an old blanket and half left loose.   I have in my possession a large piece of silk parachute, I borrowed three old wooden oars and some rusted barbed wire, and that meant that all three services were represented in the piece.  I have to say I was really thrilled with how the piece turned out, it was just how I had imagined it. It was in the community gallery for most of November, including Remembrance Day  (Nov 11)  There are photos below.
The Memory piece is now on display in a local building (Federation House) for the rest of this year.
When that was done I then turned my thoughts to Anzac Day this year, and how we could display the poppies.  I sourced some balloon sticks and cups to hold the poppies, and we are working on a field of 1000 poppies to be set up for Anzac Day here in Townsville.  This is in conjunction with the Townsville City Council and Fibres and Fabrics.    I did a trial in my backyard of 50 poppies just to see how it would look.  Photo below. 
So, now you can see why I'm busy with poppies and seem to get stuck when trying to work on other things.   I have managed a few small things and am working (in my head) on other creative things.


Above and below, Memory piece in situ at Umbrella Community Studio

Memory piece on display at Federation House

Fifty poppies in my backyard.

Front piece of a bag I've made.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

ATC batch making

I spent a morning making some ATC's for the Fibres & Fabrics once a month swap.  Sometimes I just need to create things, and these are great fun to make, they use up small bits that I've got saved up and they just sort of come together.  I have used some felt pieces, some workshop pieces, some scraps I have been given, odd bits of fabric.  Just as an example the pink ATC in the first photo is a left over piece of felt from my own stash, the piece in the centre I found in a box of bits on the Fibres give-away table.  I have cut a hole into the pink felt so that the back of the smaller piece is seen as it was pretty too. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the back.  The second ATC in that photo is actually just a piece of fabric added over a previous ATC that I had made but decided I didn't like.  But I like it now! 
Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January creations

I've had a few commissions over the past two months, which is really nice, I've completed all three now, and the last is going to it's owner on Wednesday.
While we were spending time at our beach hut over the Christmas/New Year break I make some natural baskets.  Late last year I attended a workshop run by Marion Gaemers, a local baasket weaver of note.  I wanted to practice what I had learnt so that I would remember how the baskets were made.  Being near the beach and having great neighbours means I had ready access to coconut palm leaves.   I took a Queen palm seed stem from home to use for random weave.  We have since had the Queen palm removed from our backyard, it grew very tall very fast. 
Enjoy the following photos.

Diary cover using photo provided by customer

Shades of pink wrapt rope bag for customer

Front of waistcoat using recycled rusted fabrics for customer

Back of waistcoat

Baskets, coconut fibre and queen palm fibre.

My first go at mosaics. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh dear, life got tooooo busy again... and here it is 2015 already

Hiya, well it happened again, life got awfully busy from the last post onward, now that it's 2015 and half way through January I guess I should post something new on here..
Just a few odd photos from a visit to Canberra for your enjoyment.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Well, here I am, here are some photos and a very few words..

What can I say, life is busy and full and fun.... these are just a few of the things I've been up to!

A raffle prize bag is made.....

Our granddaughter turned two and discovers the joy of jumping in puddles.
A new granddaughter is born, younger sister to miss two!!

A fun bag from recycled shorts is made...  my photos are on there!

A plant dyed book is made, golden yellow from brown onion skin dye bath.

A plant dyed book is made, golden yellow from brown onion skin dye bath, silk is added on the spine.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here I am..... late again...

Well I'm late again, I seem to have been able to fill up my life with all sorts of 'doings' and never seem to find enough time to do a blog post here.  I guess at least that means I'm keeping myself out of mischief (maybe)...  

Later in the year there is to be a wearable art parade and I've made a necklace to be sold at it.  I combined an old crystal cut glass necklace, a lovely silver clasp and 6 hand made fish skin beads to make necklace that appears in the photo below. I think it turned out okay.

I've been running some experiments on a new product called Cleanline Washable Resist so that has kept me busy and thinking.  I enjoyed doing it..

Below are some photos of the last few months of postcards, I only posted this months today, so cant show photos of them yet..
I have also reopened my Etsy shop so that has kept me busy with photographing and computering, it takes an awful lot of time to get the items up for sale just right..  and even then you are never sure they are just right!

Well, enjoy the photos, ...hugs

March postcard theme 'Flying high'

April postcard theme 'Where did it go'